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ATV / UTV Plow System

Part Number


  12 gauge hight allowy steel blend is 40% stronger by weight thatn other blades.  Multiple sizes available for your ATV or UTV.  Email us regarding the mount for your equipment.   
  Step 1:  Pick your blade  
AU-AE2910 50" Standard Black Blade $180
AU-AE2911 50" Standard Yellow Blade $180
AU-AE2915 50" Country Black Blade $245
AU-AE2916 50" Country Yellow Blade $245
AU-AE2912 54" Lite Black Blade $180
AU-AE2913 54" Lite Yellow Blade $180
AU-AE2920 60" Standard Black Blade $245
AU-AE2921 60" Standard Yellow Blade $245
AU-AE2925 60" Country Black Blade $320
AU-AE2926 60" Country Yellow Blade $320
AU-AE2922 72" Standard Black Blade $310
  Step 2: Order your Tube Runner  
AU-AE2906 Tube Runner for ATVs $215
AU-AE2805 Tube Runner, universal fit for UTVs $255
  Step 3: Choose your plow mount (Call/email)  
AU-AE2010 Plow Mount for ATVs $85-125
AU-AE2840 Plow Mount for UTVs $125
  Step 4: Choose your blade raising mechanism  
  Warn or other winches (Call for pricing)  
AU-AE2900 All ATV Manual Lift System $135
AU-AE2901 Ranger and Rhino Manual Lift System $135
  Step 5:  Choose your accessories  
AU-AE2941 Sideshield (keeps more snow in front of the blade) $61
AU-AE2945 50" Rubber Flap for top of the blade $28
AU-AE2946 60" Rubber Flap for top of the blade $32
AU-AE2947 72" Rubber Flag for top of the blade $38
AU-AE2950 Side Markers for each top corner of blade $25