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Helmet Communication Systems


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FRSX2 - with noise reducing headset. ChatterBox introduces our most technologically advanced units ever. We took our most powerful communicator and combined it with our most sophisticated features to create the most advanced unit on the market. These units have large illuminated LCD displays, are VOX/voice activated or PTT/push to talk with full duplex intercoms. They also have cellular phone and audio inputs and are housed in tough water resistant casing. The X-series are powered by rechargeable Ni-MH battery. The FRS X2 has a range of up to 2 miles, with 14 channels/38 talk groups and the GMRS X1 has an increased range of up to 5 miles plus 15 channels/38 talk groups. $275.95
GMRSX1 with Noise Reducing Headset GMRSX1 unit, up to 5 mile range, with noise reducing headset. $325.95
CB-AUDIO Audio Cord $12.75
CBX-PREX Power Filter Cord $23.50
CBX-FFHS Noise Reducing Full-Face Headset $59.50
CBX-OFHS Noise Reducing Open-Face Headset $69.95
CBX-HSEX Noise Reducing Headset Extension Cord $19.50
CBX-CELL Cell Phone Cord $19.50