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Helmet Communication Systems


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We value our customers suggestions and designed a model that is unlike any other on the market. Communicate rider to passenger via CDMA crystal clear technology, using either voice activation or push-to-talk. Both rider and passenger module is capable of pairing with up to two accessory devices at the same time. (ex. iPod, Mp3, satellite radio, GPS, cell phone, radar detector) SMART technology will automatically prioritize the transmission of the paired devices. The XBi is so far advanced that it can even streammusic from one module to the other. Each module is also capable of being used by itself to pair accessories when riding alone.Other features include: Li-Pol battery (lithium polymer) rechargeable battery with 6-8 TRUE hours of power, 1 hour express charge, noise suppression
Hi-Fi headset, compact aerodynamic module design.Each kit sold individually will include: module, Li-Pol battery, wall charger, headset and mounting hardware
XBi - Rider to Passenger Bluetooth Intercom - Full Face $169.95
XBi - Rider to Passenger Bluetooth Intercom - Open Face $169.95


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CBXBI2OKIT The XBi2 is our latest bike-to-bike wireless intercom that also comes equipped with A2DP Bluetooth technology. It has all the features that the XBi has but with additional power that will allow simultaneous communications between 3 riders with up to 500 meters of range [1,640 ft] in optimum conditions.

The XBi2 will allow you to stream audio signal from any source that already comes equipped with Bluetooth such as mobile telephones, MP3, GPS and even an iPod/iPhone when hooked up to a Bluetooth adapter such as our AP21 or AG12. After all, the whole point of Bluetooth is to eliminate that pesky cable that most intercoms are dependent on for receiving audio signals.

The XBi2 will allow for up to 6-8 hours of true talk time and 48 hours of standby time on one charge.
  Full face kit, includes one full face headset $219.95
Open face kit, includes one open face headset $219.95