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  When success is measured in minutes, depend on the proven field performance of our all-weather rescue units.

This unique polyethylene constructed rescue unit is fully enclosed and has enough room for the patient and one or two attendants.  The superior gas shock suspension and cushioned limited rotational hitch provide for greater patient comfort. 

Pictures below show the optional aluminum stretcher and interior heater, the battery for the heater mounts in a housing between the back skis.  The heater, battery and mount housing are all sold separately.  The optional interior light is rated to -40 degrees.

Construction: Polyethylene
Outside Dimensions: 110" L x 48" W x 48" H
(279.5 cm L x 122 cm W x 122 cm H)
Hitch Style: 1-Piece Limited Rotational Hitch
Colors: Black, or Marine Blue
Shipping Weight 850 Lbs.
Available Options:
Aluminum Stretcher (shown below)
16 and 18 inch Polyethylene Back Boards
Plastic Ski Skins
Composite Skis
Interior Heater (shown below)
Interior Light
Attendant Seat
ATV Conversion Kit

This unique rescue unit is fully enclosed and has enough room for the patient and one or two attendants.  A superior gas shock suspension and cushioned limited rotational hitch provides greater patient comfort. The Snowbulance has an optional heater that will help keep the patient warmer and safe. If you need to make a nighttime rescue, the Snowbulance has an optional interior light to assist you. The Snowbulance is made of polyethylene and is equipped with body reflectors and brake/running lights.

Additional Pictures

One page PDF document for printing and reference

Snowbulance with steal skis & suspension $5095
Snowbulance with composite skis & suspension $5895
ATV Conversion, high speed bearings, speed limit 45 miles/hr, recommended maximum speed when towing the Snowbulance is 25-30 miles/hr (pictured above, left) $1275
Restraint Belts, installed in Snowbulance $85
Ski skins, set of four $375
Electric Heater (mounts in the nose area, installed by us, battery mounts under the unit between the skis) $395
Electric Heater (self installed) $275
Marine Battery for the Heater and Mount Housing $565
Battery Rack for the Snowbulance $225
Interior Light $275
Attendance's Bench $150

Stretcher, litter and other rescue equipment, we have access to many other types of equipment, please contact us via phone regarding items which may not be listed.


Emergency Stretcher, emergency  transport only, no wheels $995
Adjustable Backrest Emergency Stretcher with wheels $2150
Rescue Litter, one piece, 17.5lbs $850
Rescue Littler, two piece, 19lbs $1050
Backboard, no straps $250
Triple X Strap System for immobilizing a spine injured patient to spine board. $185
Patient Protector $225
Ethafoam Pad for under the patient $85

Backboards and Accessories